Wednesday 29 May 2024

TipperaryStudies digitises more National Schools records

TipperaryStudies, the local history department of Tipperary County Council's Library Service, has been busy scanning and uploaded some new school records to its Digital Collection. They come from four schools, as follows:

Lisnamrock National School
  • Boys' register 1875–1886
  • Boys' register 1876–1901
  • Boys' register 1911–1925
  • Girls' register 1910–1925

Gaile National School
  • Boys' register from 1911–1925
  • Girls' register book for 1900–1925

Ayle National School
  • Boys roll book 1917–1925

Gortagarry National School
  • Girls' register 1880–1925
  • Boys' register 1880–1925
  • Examination roll, April 1899, listing subjects to be examined

These registers were loaned by the schools for digitisation. They have been scanned to a high quality and can now be downloaded, free of charge, in pdf format. Click the image above to browse the newly uploaded files.

Click here for TipperaryStudies' full National Schools Records collection.