Friday, 2 September 2022

Three-week summary of new & updated genealogy US collections

Below is a summary of US family history collections released or updated by the major genealogy databases in the last three weeks or so. (Previous summary list published 15 August, see blogpost).

My regular summaries are designed to help family historians whose Irish ancestors emigrated, temporarily or permanently, to the United States.

By default, they should also be useful to anyone carrying out research in the US, regardless of the origin of their ancestors.

The figures in parenthesis in the New Collections section are the numbers of records or images in each new record set, if provided by the database.

Unless otherwise stated, the figures in parenthesis in the Updated Collections section reflect the number of records added to the collection in the recent update, if a number has been clearly noted by the supplier, and/or the revised total. I rarely include updates of fewer than 1,000 records.









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