Friday 16 September 2022 sheds light on inmates' experiences

A new website has launched as a memorial to those who died in Dungannon Workhouse. It has been set up by Donaghmore Historical Society, with assistance from Mid-Ulster Council, and displays the names of all 4,000 who perished at the County Tyrone complex from its opening in 1842 until the end of the 19th century.

The site is practically bulging with information about the Workhouse, its history, architecture, residents and place within the local economy.

In addition to the names of those who were born and died within its walls, there are features about life inside and outside, the routines, the diet, Christmas, punishments, the Poor Law and more. Emigrant schemes and the system of Boarding Out are explained; a list of names of staff and details of their employment is provided, as are lists of the inmates who applied (successfully or not) for an Old Age Pension in 1910.

It's a deep and accessible presentation of well-researched material.

While it is primarily intended as a memorial, the site's scope will make it a useful stop for any researcher with ancestors who spent time in a workhouse in Ireland, and for those studying pre- and post-Famine Ireland.

Visit, or click the image above.