Monday 23 May 2022

RootsIreland has added Co Monaghan census substitute records

Nearly 13,000 new records have been added to the County Monaghan database at They have been transcribed by the Monaghan Genealogy team based at St Macartan's College on the outskirts of Monaghan Town, and make an unusual set.

They are from seven Poor Lists, which note individuals in receipt of charity in the county in the first half of the 19th century. They are:

  • Poor List Ellis Bequest (1803) 100 records 
  • Poor List Currin (1811-52) 2,208 records
  • Poor List Mrs Leslie's (1822-36) 2,269 records
  • Poor List Ematris (1830-50) 2,828 records
  • Poor List Trough Relief Fund (1846) 343 records
  • Poor List Trough Relief Fund (1847) 3,576 records
  • Poor List Clontibret (1847-64) 1,522 records

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