Monday 30 May 2022

Free access to all newspaper pages on Findmypast for seven days

FindMyPast is making its entire newspaper collection of more than 53 million pages of historical titles completely free to access from today until Monday 6 June.

These papers, sourced from the British Library's Newspaper Collection, include titles published in Britain and Ireland, and a number from former colonies. They date back to the 1700s and up to the 2000s, although the majority are from the 19th century.

Historical papers are terrific for family history researchers. While the national titles obviously carry the major news and reports which provide genealogists with the social and political context of the times our ancestors lived through, local and regional papers provide the colour of their day to day lives.

This is where you will find localised reports about less high-profile events, crimes, politics and social unrest as well as news and gossip from the town markets, fair days, local authoirity committees, sports events, petty and Quarter sessions, accidents and mis-haps, death and funeral reports, and all manner of stories about local people and how they and their neighbours lived.

To take advantage of this free access period, click your preferred flag below. If you don't already have a registered account with FindMyPast, you will be invited to sign up for one; this is a free and straightforward process, and does not require you to provide more than a name, email address and password.

The free access period will expire at 11:59pm GMT on Monday 6 June.

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