Tuesday 1 March 2022

Rolling years added to IrishGenealogy.ie's civil bmd database

A rolling additional year of historic civil Births, Marriages and Deaths records have been uploaded to the free, state-managed IrishGenealogy.ie database. Each indexed record is linked to an image of the relevant register entry.

The new records are:

  • Birth register records: 1921
  • Marriage register records: 1946
  • Death register records: 1971

With this update, the General Register Office records available to search and view (index + register image) span the following dates: Births – 1864 to 1921; Marriages – 1845 to 1946; Deaths – 1871* to 1971.

*The index of deaths from 1864 to 1870 inclusive is also in the civil records database but the corresponding register images have yet to be added. These were expected to be delivered back in 2020. Personally, I'd rather the older records were prioritised for index+image status rather than the more recent deaths, and I'm sure most genealogists would feel the same.