Wednesday 23 September 2020

Latest update from Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project

The latest database update to the online Registry of Deeds Index Project shows the online index now holds 374,309 index records from 40,085 memorials of deeds, comfortably passing another milestone in the last couple of weeks. addition, Project volunteers have continued transcribing Townland and Grantor Indexes, with 78,562 and 38,667 entries respectively.

There is now a full transcription of the Grantors' Index for A–D surnames spanning 1708-1729.

All Index entries are fully searchable and free. Click/tap the image, right.

If you've a yearning to do some transcribing and and would like to contribute towards this important project, please do consider signing up. Copies of the manuscripts and Index books are freely available at, and transcriptions are gathered digitally, so the entire contribution process is carried out remotely and without any costs to volunteers... except for their time, of course. You'll find several how-to guides on the site.