Friday 25 September 2020

Glasnevin Cemetery's 1.5m-record database still offline

I was alerted this morning via's excellent Genealogy forum that a problem first announced two weeks ago with Glasnevin Cemetery's online burial records database has not yet been rectified.

As a result, family historians, whether or not they have an account, cannot currently search the 1.5million-record-collection, which dates back to 1828. The database is, of course, also unavailable to personal visitors to the Museum because, along with other cultural attractions and archival repositories in the county and city, it is closed due to Dublin's local lockdown.

In response to an email from a forum member (thanks, Hermy), resident genealogist Lynn Brady has advised that the problem started with a major technical outage and it is expected that the system will not be fully functional again for another week.

Thinking aloud, I learned a few weeks ago that was shortly to be upgraded. I wonder if this had anything to do with the outage...?

It may be one of those weird coincidences or I may be mistaken/high/bonkers, but the appearance of the website seems to have changed since I first looked at it today.