Tuesday 15 May 2018

Missing elements of FMP's civil indexes identified

There are also SRDs missing from the marriages Index
Readers of Irish Genealogy News will remember that in early March, while broadly welcoming FindMyPast's newly uploaded civil registers indexes, I was critical of the inadequate descriptions provided by FindMyPast Ireland for what appeared to be incomplete record sets.

Two months on, the descriptions have not been improved (and the supposedly pre-1845 marriages  have not been corrected, either), so genealogist John Grenham has taken the time and trouble to identify what is missing from both the FindMyPast birth and marriage indexes. He found that no entries are included in the birth index for a whopping 26% of Ireland's Superintendent Registrar Districts (SRDs), and no entries are included in the marriage index for four SRDs.

By any standards, these are seriously incomplete indexes and should be highlighted as such. Let's hope FindMyPast action this without delay.

See John's blogpost – FindMyPast's unmarked elephant traps – for the full list of the missing SRDs.