Thursday 8 March 2018

RootsIreland offers 25% discount on its 12-month sub is offering a 25% discount on its annual subscription. Unusually, this offer is not only available to new subscribers. Researchers with a current subscription can also take advantage of the price reduction; the special deal subscription will begin when the current sub runs out.

The discount reduces the cost of the 12-month subscription from €225 to €169 | £198 to £148 | US$278 to US$208.

The saving will remain on offer until 11:59pm on Sunday 25 March Saturday 31 March. is the online database of the Irish Family History Foundation, which manages a network of genealogy and heritage centres across the island. The database holds more than 20million records, many of them church records (several denominations) unavailable elsewhere, as well as civil records of birth, marriage and death, and more. You can check a detailed breakdown of the genealogical sources for each county here.

UPDATE, 20 March:
The period of the discount offer has been extended to 31 March.