Thursday 29 March 2018

PRONI publishes its Digest of Statistics for 2016-17

Click to download the Digest
The Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) has published its Digest of Statistics for 2016-17. It provides facts and figures relating to the demands placed on PRONI resources and the repository's performance in meeting those demands.

Visitor numbers to the modern offices in Belfast totalled 16,891 during the year. This is down just under 16% on 2011-12 and just over 17% on the record year of 2014-15. Of the first-time visitors (3,429 registered for a Visitor Pass), the main reasons for visits were family history (81%), local history (9%), academic research (5%) and legal/business research (2%). More than half (52%) were from Northern Ireland, 15% were from the USA and 13% were from England/Wales.

PRONI's website received 10.8million page views, the lowest number in the last four years, and down from last year's high of 14.1million page views. These were the most popular online destinations:

Will Calendars - 269579
Valuation Revision Books - 1,885,181
e-Catalogue - 1,760,425
Name Search - 486,349
Ulster Covenant - 294,881
Freeholders - 164,683
Street Directories - 413,581
Web Archive - 447,548
Flickr - 1,677,253

The 17-page Digest is full of interesting facts about PRONI, and you can download a PDF (2.8Mb) copy by clicking the image above.