Thursday 1 March 2018 targets Americans of Irish and British heritage
I've been wondering when a FindMyPast press release would explain what appears to have been a major marketing shift for

For the last several days, visitors to, the North American 'territory' of the FindMyPast brand, have been greeted with a welcome page that concentrates almost exclusively on British and Irish records. Clicking through to the subscription page found a choice of two packages: an Essential British & Irish package and an Ultimate British & Irish package.

Today, FindMyPast has confirmed that this change in emphasis marks the latest step in Findmypast’s drive to build on their leadership strength in British and Irish records. More than 30% of US citizens are thought to have British or Irish ancestors, and research undertaken by Findmypast has revealed that many family historians have struggled to bridge the transatlantic gap.

Step forward the recently published and exclusively curated British & Irish Roots collection, a database consisting of more than 100 million assorted records spanning 400 years. The collection gives family historians the chance to trace their ancestors’ journeys across the Atlantic by bringing together a wide range of North American records that list origin or place of birth as anywhere in Britain and Ireland.

Depending on package choice, it also includes UK parish registers dating from 1538, historical British and Irish newspapers, millions of Catholic records from both sides of the Atlantic, and a huge collection of Irish records. In addition to the records available in the packages, the subscription includes weekly masterclasses and downloadable guides.

As with all good launches of new products, this one comes with an attractive special offer. There's a 50% discount on a one-month subscription to the Ultimate British & Irish package. The offer will expire on 4 March (not 4 February as stated on the landing page). Click the Subscribe button above, and check out the T&Cs.