Tuesday 27 February 2018

RootsIreland.ie launches 'Irish Genealogy Matters'

RootsIreland.ie, the online database of the Irish Family History Foundation (IFHF), has launched a newsletter called Irish Genealogy Matters.

The first edition has been published today and provides a round-up of last year's additions to the site, and advance notice of what we can expect to be joining the database in the near future. There are also details of an upgrade to the site's search facility and news from some of the IFHF's Heritage Centres, including events in which they will be involved during the year.

You can find out more on RootsIreland, and download the newsletter on the landing page.

UPDATE, 1 March: To receive the newsletter in your inbox, you need to register for an account (no need to have a sub). Be sure to tick the 'send me occasional emails' box on the registration page. Alternatively, follow the company on Facebook.