Thursday 15 February 2018

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives: latest additions
Headstone to Beacon family, in St Tighernach
graveyard, Derryvullan South, Co Fermanagh.
Photo courtesy of Dave Hall and IGPArchives.
Ireland Genealogy Projects (IGP-web) Archives has added the following files to its database in the first two weeks of February.

As always, they have all been donated by generous volunteers and are free to view.

CAVAN Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Holy Trinity Presbyterian Graveyard, Kildorough

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Mt. Jerome Little Angels

FERMANAGH Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Derryvullen South, St. Tighernach (CoI) Graveyard (partial)

MAYO Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Bekan Village, Bekan Cemetery (B-J)

MONAGHAN & FERMANAH, Genealogy Archives - Church Records
Clones Parish Registers - Baptisms & Burials (additional)

SLIGO Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Achonry Cathedral Graveyard (Updated)

TIPPERARY Genealogy Archives - Miscellaneous
Tipperary Vagabonds Ordered for Transportation - 1743

WEXFORD Genealogy Archives - Newspapers
Assorted Work House Entries