Tuesday 6 February 2018

North of Ireland FHS: Spring 2018 classes programme

The North of Ireland Family History Society (NIFHS) has announced its programme of classes for Spring 2018. Brief details are below; see the NIFHS website for more information about each class.

Each class is open to non-members and is held at the NIFHS Library and Research Centre, which is easy to find and there's plenty of free parking. It's in Newtownabbey, just outside Belfast. All classes need to be booked in advance.

  • Tuesday 6 February: Family Finder 1 – 3 Tuesday evenings
  • Tuesday 20 February: JSTOR, a free online resource for NIFHS members – 1 Tuesday at noon
  • Tuesday 27 February: The Plantation of Ulster, Names and Places – 1 Tuesday morning
  • Saturday 3 March: Family Finder 2 – 3 Saturday afternoons
  • Tuesday 13 March: Using GEDmatch – 1 Tuesday evening
  • Tuesday 20 March: Family Tree Maker, Basics and Benefits – 1 Tuesday morning
  • Saturday 24 March: Using My Heritage DNA – 1 Saturday morning
  • Saturday 14 April: Making the Most of Your Autosomal DNA Results – 2 Saturday afternoons
  • Tuesday 8 May: Scottish Records – 1 Tuesday afternoon

The JSTOR class is free. NIFHS members also get free at-home access to JSTOR (a fantastic membership benefit). Only £18/year for Associate membership and this is a good time of year to join as membership lasts right through to December.

The My Heritage DNA class is new and fits in nicely with their popular package of DNA classes, including one about GEDmatch, which helps people who have tested with different companies compare their results.

The Scottish records class is new and will help people researching family links between Scotland and Ulster – they are only 12 miles apart.