Tuesday 13 September 2016

Transcribers needed for Wexford Memorial Cards project

Most of the collection relate to deaths in the C20th
but there are a good number of older ones, too.
Can you help Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives (IGP-web)? The free online archive holds an outstanding range of donated records and other genealogical material, and is run entirely by volunteers. It has been bequeathed some 2,000 memorial cards, most of them relating to people from County Wexford, and needs assistance to get them all transcribed.

The collection was gathered together by Michael Doyle from Wexford who passed away about a month ago. His brother wants to share the cards with as many researchers as possible and knew that IGPArchives was the best home for them.

The team are delighted, of course, but the huge collection presents a problem, as Co-ordinator Christina Hunt explains: "If we can only upload these memorial cards a few at a time, it will be ages before they are all available. My hope is to find several transcribers to add these to our online archive. This way, we would get the project completed much more quickly."

You can see the form that has to be filled in to add individual cards to the archive here.

If you can offer some time to this worthwhile project, please contact Christina by email at chrisnina@gmail.com.