Wednesday 14 September 2016

The full GRONI is now live at PRONI

As previously advised (see blogpost), this summer has seen the installation of four terminals at PRONI's Titanic Boulevard offices in Belfast to offer researchers full access to the General Register Office of Northern Ireland's database without having to visit GRONI's office. The GRONI Search Room is shortly to move out of the city centre to Stranmillis.

These four terminals are now fully connected and up and running in PRONI's Search Room. While researchers using the database on the Internet are restricted to historical birth, marriage and death records under the 100-75-50-year rule, access via the GRONI/PRONI computers is extended right up to current records. Please note that this is a payable search service in which customers will be required to register with GRONI. You can see exactly what is available here, and scrolling down to the GRONI Public Search Room section.

The page also explains how to purchase bmd certificates. This GRONI service will not be available at PRONI.

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