Friday 2 September 2016

FindMyPast delivers big package of British, US and New Zealand record collections

FindMyPast has added a mixed bunch of new collections and updates to its database over the last week. None of them is specifically Irish, but all will hold details of Irish emigrants and their descendants.

Here are brief details and links to the new record sets:

British Army Casualty Lists 1939-1945
Over 1.1 million War Office records covering Officers and Nurses and Other Ranks are held in this collection. The lists cover individuals reported as killed in action, wounded, prisoner of war, missing, died of wounds, missing believed killed, dangerously ill, and involved in accidents.

United States Marriages
More than 4million marriage records have been uploaded to the dataabase in the latest instalment of updates to this collection, which spans 1650 to 2010 and includes entries from nearly every state. This particular tranche of new records includes significant additions from Arkansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York and Pennsylvania. The records include marriage date, bride and groom names, birthplace, birth date, age, and residence as well as father’s and mother’s names.

United States, Transatlantic Migration
Consisting of 127 publications, this record set holds information about more than 30,000 migrants from Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Germany and the Netherlands who cross the Atlantic between the late 1500s to the early 1900s. Details may include birth countries, place and date of embarkation, ages, occupations, and information about spouses and children.

United States, Early American Families
This collection is made up of 140 publications containing over 86,000 records of the early settlers of America and their descendants. You may be able to learn the birth and death years of your ancestors, as well as other family names and significant locations.

United States, Early American Vital Records
With more than 14,000 records spanning the 1600s to the early 1900s, this collection holds birth, marriage, and death register entries, as well as publications detailing gravestone inscriptions, wills, and the military dead of the American Revolutionary War.

United States, Connecticut Town Vitals, The Barbour Collection
This collection is made up of 55 volumes holding more than 18,000 birth and death dates, children's names, and other personal details.

New Zealand Birth Index
The Index has been updated with an additional 19,000 records of people born at least 120 years ago.

New Zealand Marriage Index
More than 8,000 records have been added.

New Zealand Death Index
Over 21,000 records have been added to this Index.