Wednesday 10 August 2016

Summer savings from Family Tree DNA
FamilyTree DNA is running a summer sale promotion with some worthwhile savings.

Its Family Finder test is reduced by $30 to just $69, and a number of packages are also available with similarly sized discounts, as below.

Family Finder + Y37 – Male-specific bundle includes Family Finder plus Y-chromosome test that analyzes 37-markers.
Reduced from $268 to $238USD

Family Finder + Y67 – Male-specific bundle incl. Family Finder plus 67 marker Y-DNA test.
Reduced from $367 to $337USD

Family Finder + mtFull Sequence – Family Finder plus a Full Mitochondrial Sequence, for both males and females. This mtDNA test traces the maternal line.
Reduced from $298 to $268USD

Comprehensive Genome – The ultimate bundle. Family Finder plus male-specific Y-chromosome tests and mtFull Sequence tests.
Reduced from $566 to $536USD.

I'm not sure when the sale ends, so probably best to act quickly to ensure you take advantage of the savings.