Tuesday 30 August 2016

IGRS adds to its growing collection of online resources

The Irish Genealogical Research Society (IGRS) seems to be continually in the news these days, and it's all well-deserved with a stream of new and unique resources and projects being delivered, one after the other to mark the Society's 80th anniversary.

In this instance, the Society has published a new database with links to articles published in the Society's highly-regarded journal, The Irish Genealogist, from 2002 to 2005 inclusive (Volume 11). The database can be searched by name; each entry in the search results links to a downloadeable pdf of the article in which the name appears.

In Volume 11, articles include references to the Society’s Farnham Manuscripts; Willamstown parish, Co. Galway; Griffith’s Valuation and the Poor Law Valuation; Galway Gentry; Cork Protestants; Catholic Converts; Nuns; Faulkner’s Dublin Journal newspaper and the Registry of Deeds. It also contains articles touching in some detail on families named Clare, Burke, Butler, Carew, Crowley, Daly, Fitzgerald, Forbes, Joyce, Keegan, Kenifeck, Langton, O’Brien, McDermott, McHugo, O’Neill. Power and Solsborough. In total, some 8,000 names are referenced.

While this new Volume 11 Names Database can be searched by any researcher, only IGRS members can download the articles. Future digitisation of TIG will be accessible in the same way.

However, the TIG Volume 10 (1998–2001) Names Database, with links to articles, has been freely available to both members and non-members for some 18 months. So, too, is a Names INDEX (no links to articles) covering 1937–2001 inclusive.

All three products – the Volume 1–10 Names Index 1937–2001, the Volume 10 Names Database 1998–2001 and the Volume 11 Names Database 2002–2005 – can be found on the IGRS's award-winning website, IrishAncestors.ie.

Announcing details of the enhanced database collection, IGRS Chairman Steven Smyrl said: “We are thrilled to make The Irish Genealogist more accessible to genealogists and historians by placing it online. We hope in the coming months to extend the online database by uploading volumes published since 2011. The journal contains so much information, not available anywhere else.”

Keeping itself busy and active, the IGRS will be releasing more updates to its growing collection of online resources later this year.