Friday 3 June 2016

RCSI uploads videos of 'Surgeons & Insurgents' talks
You may remember that during March and April, the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) presented a commemorative exhibition and hosted a lively, informative and free public lecture series called Surgeons & Insurgents: RCSI and the Easter Rising.

All nine lectures were booked out, leaving many people disappointed at missing the events.

Good news is that the RCSI video'd the lectures and they have now been uploaded to the College's YouTube Channel.

The topics were:
  • Surgeons & Insurgents: RCSI and the Easter Rising, with Dr Mary McAuliffe
  • The Easter Rising: Fighting for the Crown or Half Crown? with Padraig Yeates
  • Blood and Bandages: Medicine of the Easter Rising, with Anthony Kinsella
  • Stuff Matters: The material cul;ture of 1916, with Lisa Godson and Dr Joanna Bruck
  • The Rising: A statement of intent, successes and failures, with Comdt. Victor Laing
  • Michael Mallin, with Dr Brian Hughes
  • St John Ambulance and the Easter Rising, with Padraig Allen
  • To Surgeons and Beyond! RCSI, Rebels and the Republic, with Meadhbh Murphy
Click the image above to find a list of direct links to these lectures.