Tuesday 12 April 2016

Were your Irish ancestors at The Alamo?

A newly published book, The Alamo's Forgotten Defenders, explores the long-ignored history of the Irish in Texas.

Written by military historian and established author Dr Phillip Thomas Tucker, this book illuminates the many forgotten contributions and heroics of the Irish during the Texas Revolution.

Relying upon a wealth of previously unexplored primary sources, The Alamo's Forgotten Defenders is the first book devoted to the dramatic story of Irish achievements, contributions and sacrifices in winning independence for Texas. In doing so, Tucker's study bestows much-needed recognition upon the Irish and shatters a host of long-existing stereotypes and myths about the Texas Revolution.

The 384-page hardback includes 12 black-and-white images and four maps.

Published by Savas Beatie, The Alamo's Forgotten Defenders costs $29.95