Thursday 10 September 2015

RootsIreland adds more North Tipperary RC records

Tipperary North Genealogy Centre has transcribed the baptism and marriage registers for the Roman Catholic parish of Thurles and added the indexed records to its database at RootsIreland.

Both sets of registers span 1795 to 1900 and are fully indexed. This means that when researchers find a transcription of interest dating up to 1880, they can readily look at an image of the corresponding register page on the National Library of Ireland's free image-only database.

For later records – 1881 to 1900 – these transcriptions on RootsIreland are, as far as I'm aware, the only online records of RC baptisms and marriages that took place in Thurles parish. And they are, of course, fully indexed to facilitate searching.

The Thurles register transcriptions join a North Tipperary collection consisting of records from more than 30 Roman Catholic parishes. Only two parish holdings stop in the year 1880, as per the NLI database. Many continue to 1899/1900, and more than half continue to 1911. See details.