Tuesday 15 September 2015

Rockstar Genealogists Poll: what can I say but thanks?

Oh my goodness. I have just discovered that I've been voted 'Superstar Genealogist 2015 for Ireland' by readers of John D Reid's Anglo-Celtic-Connections blog.

More than 2,000 votes were received in the poll, which looks to discover the most rated 'genies' in each of the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, Ireland, and England/Wales/Scotland. I'm truly chuffed to bits to have been voted into the top spot for Ireland.

The term 'Genealogist' is applied fairly loosely in the poll's nomination criteria, which is just as well for me, because I'm not a professional. Nor do I give talks or author books. But I do write this blog, so I guess my votes must have come primarily from my readers. Sincere thanks to you all. I really appreciate the vote of confidence.

It is particularly pleasing to receive this recognition so soon after 'BullyGate', which called into question the behaviour of certain people in Ireland's family history industry. I guess I wasn't alone in believing that lifting the lid was necessary, and I'm pleased to say that taking that step seems to have had the desired effect. Let's hope professionalism and good manners rule at the Back To Our Past show next month.

The Silver and Bronze awards for Rockstar Genealogists 2015 went to Steven Smyrl and John Grenham, both of them most definitely professional genealogists – they are members of AGI – as well as being highly-regarded writers, stars of the silver screen, and extremely popular lecturers. Congratulations to them, and to all those who received Rockstar awards in this year's poll.

And big thanks also to John for organising it. What fun (!) he must have had counting up all those votes and applying them to geographical regions!