Friday 4 September 2015

FindMyPast adds Napoleonic and WW2 POW records has added more than 1.2million extra records to its Prisoner of War 1715–1945 collection.

The latest additions cover the Napoleonic Wars and World War Two, and include prison camps in Europe, Africa and The Far East and list nationalities from around the globe.

There will be many men of Irish heritage in these records, I'm sure, and I was curious to see if there were any unexpected family names appearing in the WW2 sets but there were none. (My family's only connection with WW2 seems to be limited to my maternal grandfather's brother, John Tierney from Cahir, who enlisted with the Irish Guards and was killed in Norway in 1940.)

The new FindMyPast records join the 52,000+ WW1 prisoner of war records released back in April (see blogpost).