Monday 19 January 2015

PRONI adds more Explore the Archives workshops

PRONI's two Explore the Archives workshops scheduled for 21 January and 18 February are fully booked. Such has been the demand that PRONI have added two more dates: Wednesday 11 March and Wednesday 22 April and each workshop runs to a similar programme:

– Explore Archives Online, 2pm

– Using the Documents (searching for, ordering and viewing original documents), 3pm

– Behind-the-scenes tour, 4pm to 4:30pm.

Both dates coincide with lunchtime lectures (at 1pm) in the Your Family Tree series, so you might want to book a talk and a workshop for the same day. Either way, be sure to book quickly because spaces are limited and there is likely to be a high level of interest.

You can book by email to or call 028 90 534800.

UPDATE: Within one week, the 11 March workshop was fully booked. Be sure to book promptly for the April workshop, or you'll be disappointed.
UPDATE, 3 February: And another week later, the April workshop was fully booked, too. In view of the high level of demand for these workshops, PRONI have said they will run some more later in the year.