Tuesday 3 December 2013

What did your ancestors get up to before Christmas?

Christmas is coming. You may still be in denial (you're not alone!) but here's a gentle way to get you into the mood...

Timeline Research, the service run by Nicola Morris of The Genealogy Roadshow fame and Dr Robert Somerville Woodward, is publishing a daily blog during December telling of how our ancestors prepared for Christmas. Using selected newspaper stories from 1813 to 1922, the blogposts will give a flavour of how Ireland celebrated the festive season many generations ago.

In the first two blogposts of the month, stories have included details of Switzer’s Grand Xmas Bazaar on Grafton Street, where Pongo handed out sweets, and the price of seasonal refreshments such as Guinness’s Celebrated XXX porter – just two shillings six pence a dozen for small bottles and especially recommended to invalids for ‘its nutriments and strengthening qualities’.