Tuesday 17 December 2013

Transatlantic Connections: a January conference

A conference, organised by Drew University, is to be held in Bundoran, Co Donegal in January (Wednesday 15 to Friday 17). Its purpose is to explore, investigate and celebrate the ways in which Ireland and the United States are connected – in history, in literature and in contemporary culture.

While the programme doesn't include any obvious Irish genealogy interest, there are certainly a number of local history lectures that will appeal to anyone with ancestors from Donegal, as well as some presentations of wider historical appeal. Mixed in with the historical interest are themes of Irish literature, food and drink, film and, er... surfing.

To give you a better flavour, here is a random selection of lecture sessions pulled from the conference timetable:
  • Irish Whiskey: best in the world
  • Oscar Wilde and the Wild West
  • Female surfers and Irish national identity
  • Five films that define how Hollywood sees Ireland
  • The Boggards and Banshees: Irish Lore and Role-playing games
  • Irish Republicans and the American Frontier 1816–1823
  • Donegal during the Famine
  • The Border counties and World War 2
  • An Ulster-American cook in the age of the Titanic and World War
  • The kindness of strangers: Charity and the Great Hunger in Ireland
A series of art exhibitions and live musical performances will also be taking place during the conference. An all-access Conference Pass (lecture sessions, events, meals and entertainment over the three days) cost €50. Day passes cost €30 while morning or afternoon passes cost €10. Art exhibitions are free.

For further details, including a list of speakers, the full programme, costs and locations, download the 12-page brochure (3.7Mb pdf).