Monday 16 December 2013

New book of essays examines Plantation themes Ulster Historical Foundation and Ulster Local History Trust have published a new multidisciplinary book of essays about the early 17th-century Plantation.

Plantation – Aspects of seventeenth-century Ulster society, by Brendan Scott, Dr William Roulston, is a collection of essays arrising from two conferences organised by the Ulster Local History Trust in 2008 and 2010, and explores a number of themes relating to this critically important episode of Irish history.

The essays range from overviews to case studies of particular areas, individuals or groups. Sources that are essential to a better understanding of the immense social, economic, demographic and political changes brought about by the plantation are highlighted, while the experiences of the Irish, English and Scots are all brought into view and analysed from different perspectives.

The conclusions challenge some preconceived notions and offer fresh thinking on aspects of this period. This accessible and scholarly collection aims to further our understanding of the Ulster Plantation and is available in paperback via BooksIreland. Hot from the press, it is currently offered at a reduced price of £6.99.