Friday 28 September 2012

Ulster Covenant - the centenary

Today marks the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Ulster Covenant, and there will be little opportunity to ignore it this weekend!

You can even go online and sign the Covenant yourself! At midday today a dedicated website –  – will go live*, marking exactly 100 years from when Sir Edward Carson became the first person to sign the Ulster Covenant. Should the moment grab you, you can then add your own signature.

Alternatively, you might prefer to learn a bit more about this historic event and search the documents and nearly half a million signatures it produced. All freely available at PRONI.

Below, there's a collection of features and a video that I've rounded up from a quick recce of newspaper/online coverage.

Understanding the Ulster Covenant - the video

Scientists show Ulster Covenant was not 'signed in blood'.

As many women as men signed the Ulster Covenant

Economics as much as Protestantism played its part

How the Ulster Covenant put the gun into Irish politics

*It's already live.