Wednesday 5 September 2012

HistoryIreland Sept/Oct issue on the shelves

It's a happy day, today. I picked up the new issue of HistoryIreland this morning, which is always a reason to be cheerful.

And as always, there's plenty to read in my favourite bi-monthly magazine. The stand out features for me will be one on Irish involvement in the American Civil War, a study of geographical (county) divisions and loyalties from the 12th century, and an article about censorship in the Irish Free State which had a lasting impact on Irish journalism. I'm also looking forward to reading a feature about attitudes to bankers in the mid-18th century; 'Hang up half a dozen bankers' demanded one Jonathan Swift in 1728. Sounds like a cry from more recent times!

Add in some book and museum reviews, news and views and relevant ads, and I'm wishing the day away till I can get those pages turning.

Oh, and the new-style laminated cover looks good, too!

HistoryIreland €6.70/£6.00.