Tuesday 18 September 2012

Ireland XO launches 'in Action' newsletter

Ireland XO (Ireland Reaching Out), the so-called 'reverse genealogy' initiative designed to encourage the Diaspora to visit the homeland of their ancestors, has launched a new newsletter called Ireland XO in Action.

The first issue brings news of the progress being made by parishes as they reach out to the descendants of emigrants and invite them back. It's obvious that very real connections are being made. This isn't just a marketing exercise. It really is making a difference to people and knocking down family history brickwalls in the process.

For example, the launch issue carries a short feature about Margaret McKeown of Western Australia. Her 30-year research suggested that her 2xgt grandparents were buried in the graveyard of the Carmelite Abbey of St. Mary’s in Loughrea, which is not open to the public. Having made contact with the local Ireland XO parish team, a special appointment was made for Margaret to visit the graveyard where she did, indeed, find the grave of her ancestors. And more of them than expected... she also discovered the grave of her 3xgt grandparents!

In addition to success stories, Ireland XO in Action also carries interviews with some of the people involved in the scheme and articles about some of the parishes taking part.

A good read and nicely presented, too. You can subscribe to the newsletter here

Ireland XO in three minutes: