Monday 18 June 2012

UK genealogists petition for Irish-style research copies

I've just received notification via the UK-based Federation of Family History Societies of a petition for the General Register Office of England & Wales to issue uncertified copies of certificates for family history research, similar to those issued by Ireland's GRO as 'research copies'.

Instead of paying for a full-priced, authorised copy of a birth, marriage or death certificate that occurred in Ireland, the Irish GRO offers a photocopy of the original certificate for research purposes at a cost of just €4. These are available either from the GRO in Roscommon by post, or, to personal visitors only, from the GRO Research Room at the Irish Life Centre in Dublin.

No such facility is available in England & Wales.

Any Irish researchers who has ever had to stump up the full price of £9.25 per certificate when carrying out research in England & Wales will see the greater wisdom of the Irish system, and be happy to lend support to the petition.

You can sign it here.

Update: You can only sign this petition if you are in the UK or resident there.

Perhaps a similar petition should be launched to cover the cost of certificates for Northern Ireland where the charge is a scandalous £14. (Just a reminder.... if the bmd occurred in the six counties pre 1922, you can get one of the €4 versions from GRO Roscommon.)