Wednesday 13 June 2012

Images of Belfast burial records now available

In the latest upgrade to Belfast City Cemeteries's excellent online database, images of burial records for three Belfast City cemeteries can now be downloaded, provided the deceased died at least 75 years ago.

Around 360,000 burial records are already available to search – absolutely free of charge – on the site. These records relate to the Belfast City Cemetery, which has records dating from 1869, Dundonald Cemetery, which dates from 1905, and Roselawn Cemetery, which has records dating from 1954.

All these records have been scanned and were made available online about a year ago. Information provided in search results includes the full name of the deceased, their age and last place of residence, as well as details of their burial and grave. It is also possible to see who else is buried in the same plot (lair).

The latest upgrade relates to images of the burial records, which may have additional information to that provided by the search results. Likely details are occupation, marital status, religion and cause of death.

These images are available for download for just £1.50 (the price for a paper copy of a death certificate via GRONI is £14!).