Wednesday 14 March 2012

Marking a decade of anniversaries 2012-2023

The period 2012 to 2023 marks a number of anniversaries of significant events which have shaped, and continue to shape, the sense of British and Irish identity. Those events include:
  • 2012: Ulster Covenant, 100 years
  • 2012: Titanic, 100 years
  • 2013: The Plantation of Ulster, 400 years
  • 2016: Easter Rising, 100 years
  • 2016: Battle of the Somme, 100 years
  • 2017: Belfast Strike and the Rise of the Labour Movement, 100 years
  • 2017/18: Lloyd George's Convention, 100 years
  • 2018: Universal Male and limited Women's Suffrage, 100 years
  • 2018: General Election, 100 years
  • 2019/21: War of Independence, 100 years
  • 2021: Government of Ireland Act, 100 years
  • 2022: Civil War and Partition, 100 years
The Community Relations Council and the Heritage Lottery Fund have organised a series of 10 weekly lectures covering this critical historical period.

Unfortunately, I didn't hear about this until after the first lecture had taken place so the list below is of the remaining nine lectures, including tonight's.

The format will be symposium style with one hour for speakers and one hour of discussion based on questions from the audience.

The principal speaker (listed below) will provide the overview for about 30 minutes, followed by two experts giving different perspectives who will speak for 15 minutes each. 

Wednesday 14 March: Covenant Day 1912 – The Alliance of Ulster Unionism and British Conservatism with Dr Alan Parkinson. Ulster Museum, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 21 March: Nationalism in Ireland 1900 – 1916: Home Rulers, Separatists and Protestant Nationalists, with Dr Michael Laffan. Ulster Museum, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 28 March: The Labour Movement in Ireland 1900 – 1922, with Dr Emmet O’Connor. Ulster Museum, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 4 April: Ireland and the First World War, with Professor Keith Jeffrey. Ulster Museum, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 18 April: Overview of the 1916 Easter Rising, with Dr Fearghal McGarry. Drama Theatre, Stranmillis College, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 25 April: The Women’s Movement in Ireland 1910 – 1922, with Dr Myrtle Hill. Drama Theatre, Stranmillis College, 7-9pm.

Wednesday 2 May: The Irish Revolution: From Rising to Truce 1916 – 1921,, with Professor Michael Laffan. Drama Theatre, Stranmillis College, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 9 May:Partition, Treaty and Civil War, with Dr Eámon Phoenix. Drama Theatre, Stranmillis College, 7-9pm.  

Wednesday 16 May: Trapped by the Border: Northern Nationalists and Southern Unionists, 1916 – 1925, with Dr Eámon Phoenix. Drama Theatre, Stranmillis College, 7-9pm.

The primary purpose of the series is to produce resources that will then be available to stimulate group discussions and local events. While principally targeting community groups such as local museums, historical societies, cultural and heritage groups, arts organisations and educationalists, the series is also open to interested members of the public.  Further details and booking form.

See the Marking Anniversaries website for more information about the philosophy and approach taken by the organising bodies.