Tuesday 27 March 2012

How to kill off goodwill, in one easy lesson

As expected, the introduction of a new fee structure by Roots Ireland has gone down like a lead balloon. I haven't seen a single truly positive reaction in any of the forums I've dropped into, nor in my Inbox. Here's a selection:

  • I really, really hate this. I defended this site for so long in the main, simply because they were allowing free index searching. The site had several problems but I thought it was worth it because with their allowing free searches I was able to overcome most of the site's shortcomings and I didn't think their prices were out of line (if you could use free searches to whittle down to the pertinent records). Now, I can't support them any more. LHA, Rootsweb Limerick.
  • I can see how the lower cost of bulk buying will help those with 'Patrick Murphy' ancestors. But taking away the free searches is a bad move in my opinion. Coolnabacky1873, Boards.ie
  • There's no way I'm paying for searches. Results, yes. Searches, no. BA, IGT.
  • Picture the scene: You go to Amazon to buy John Grenham's latest book. You type his name into the search box. You have to pay to view the list of possible results. And then you pay again to buy the book itself. I don't think so. PT, IGT.
  • It is a real disappointment that one has to pay even to look at their index. Also, one cannot pay by Maestro card. As I do not have a credit card, I cannot even access the indexes!! Bobby, IGT.
  • This reminds me of those shops in France that proudly display 'Entre Libre' above their doors. I always thought they were bizarre, after all, who expects to pay just to see what's on sale? Dan, IGT.
  • I would rather pay a set sum each year - like Ancestry - rather than this. Now you have no chance! Tina, Rootsweb Limerick.
  • The most annoying thing for me about the changes is it stops third party searches. I'm a regular on the Liverpool & South West Lancs forum where we get a lot of enquiries about Liverpool Irish ancestors. I can no longer direct people to possible matches on Roots Ireland. Blue70, IGT.
  • You know how Ryan Air's add-on charges always leave you with a dirty taste in your mouth and the sense that you've just been ripped off - this index search fee makes me feel the same. Ann, IGT.
  • Nul points to rootsireland - I would guess their business will plummet overnight, once people have used their 10 free searches. It is just not worth buying such a pig in the poke. Corisade, RootsChat.