Friday 16 September 2011

Changing colours on RootsIreland

The map of counties covered by looked a bit different when I called in on the site today: Waterford has gone green and Wexford has turned orange.

The orange indicates that some kind of agreement has been reached to upload Wexford records to the pay-as-you-go site in the near future. Exactly which records and when they'll be available remains to be seen. There's no explanation on the site (or if there is, I couldn't find it).

But there's better and more certain news over at Waterford. The green colour on the map indicates that Waterford has joined the merry band of counties across the island whose records are indexed, available for searching and downloading.

Only they aren't! It seems the wearing of the green is just a little premature here because the Waterford data isn't going to be live until the tail end of September.

Update, from Roots Ireland: The Waterford records are baptisms. They'll be followed by 20,000 records from Monaghan and then, by mid-October, the first Wexford records will start to appear, as will some Northern Ireland gravestone inscriptions. Wonderful!