Wednesday 7 June 2023

FindMyPast offers 15% savings on selected subs - Expired

FindMyPast is offering a 15% discount on selected 12-month subscriptions.

Savings on genealogy subscriptions from all databases suppliers have become as rare as hen's teeth in the last couple of years, so if you were thinking of taking out a sub or renewing an old one, make sure to grab this opportunity before it expires at 11:59 British/Irish Summer Time (GMT + 1) on Monday 12 June.

This offer has now expired.

Please note that 12-month Premium subscriptions are not included in this offer.

FindMyPast Ireland – 15% off 12-month Plus and Pro subscriptions.

FindMyPast USA/Canada – 15% off 12-month Essential and Ultimate subscriptions.

FindMyPast UK – 15% off 12-Month Plus and Pro subscriptions.

FindMyPast Australia/NZ – 15% off 12-month Plus and Pro subscriptions.

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