Tuesday 13 June 2023

Ancestry adds fifteen pre-1823 editions to Irish directories collection

Ancestry updated its Ireland City and Regional Directories collection last week. While there is no note on the collection search page to verify, I believe the collection has grown by more than 1.2million indexed entries (based on the last IGN blogpost about this record set in March 2020) and now has fifteen pre-1823 editions in the database.

Presumably Ancestry will get round to correcting the date spans in the collection's title in due course.

The additions include eleven Gentleman's and Citizen's Almanack (1792, 1793, 1809-1822 with a few gaps); and The Treble Almanack (1803-06). These volumes can be searched by name, occupation/trade, address and year, or browsed by individual volume.

The collection now holds 13,489,492 records and is well worth searching, not just for individuals working in business, the trades or the professions, but also for information about the island, its institutions and social organisations, as well as more local details such as when market fairs were held, mail coach timetables, and much more.

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