Tuesday 18 April 2023

Dublin City Libraries adds free access to INA's Radical Newspaper Collection

Dublin City Libraries has added the Radical Newspaper Archive (RNA) to its free e-resources at all branches. This means that library readers now have access to 115+ radical and political newspapers, journals, pamphlets and bulletins, in addition to the main Irish Newspaper Archive database, which holds publications dating from the 1700s to the present.

Like the main database, the RNA collection is fully searchable.

The same development took place in all Kildare Libraries back in 2019. As far as I'm aware these are the only two public library services offering both the main database and the Radical collection. (A number of 'research libraries', most of them educational institutions, offer both.)

If your local library doesn't offer the same, perhaps you should be having a chat with the local council about upgrading their offer....!)