Friday 6 January 2023

FindMyPast offers 21% discounts across its subscription range

To mark a full year since the 1921 Census of England and Wales was released exclusively online at FindMyPast, a discount of 21% (geddit?) has been made across nearly all FMP subscription packages, even some of those that don't include access to that particular record collection.

Just to be completely clear: Only the Premium subscription includes unrestricted access to the 1921 E&W Census, but the discount is available across most of the range, depending on duration. As you'd expect, though, the biggest savings are gained through the discount on a 12-month Premium sub.

To take advantage of this offer, chose your preferred FindMyPast 'territory' below and click the link. On the landing page you'll see the discount has been applied for 12 month subscriptions. If you want a shorter term of access, use the toggle below 'Choose the right membership for you' to switch between the durations available.

The discounts will expire at 11:59pm (GMT) on Sunday 15 January.

This offer has now closed. The links below take you to the regular 'subscribe' page only.

FindMyPast Ireland – 21% off 1-month Starter, Pro and Plus subscriptions, and 12-month Pro, Plus and Premium subscriptions.

FindMyPast USA/Canada – 21% off 1-month Essential and Ultimate subscriptions, and 12-month Ultimate and Premium subscriptions.

FindMyPast UK – 21% off 3-month Starter, Plus and Pro subscriptions, and 12-Month Pro, Plus and Premium subscriptions.

FindMyPast Australia/NZ – 21% off 1-month Starter, Plus and Pro subscriptions, and 12-Month Pro, Plus and Premium subscriptions.

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