Thursday 23 December 2021

Registry of Deeds Index Project doubles entries in Townland Index

The volunteer-managed Registry of Deeds Index Project has been updated twice in the past week. The first update was to the main database, and saw just over 3,000 entries from just over 300 memorials of deed join the index. This means researchers can now search a total of 460,712 index records from 48,264 memorials of deed.

The second update, three days ago, saw more than 120,000 entries added to the Townland Index, almost doubling the total number of searchable transcriptions in this Index.

If you get a chance over the festive break, why not take a look at the many how-to guides available on the Project site and perhaps try your hand at transcribing some of the Townland Indexes (images are free to view on, which are probably the most accessible of the material being transcribed? If this time of year is too-frenetic for you, why not make a New Year resolution to help this volunteer team out during the next 12 months?

(And if you need some extra motivation, look at the last blogpost before this one: you'll see the official digitisation of the Registry of Deeds archive is still several years away.)