Thursday 16 December 2021

Boston Provident Savings Bank, 1817-1882 records now fully online

Records from the Boston Provident Institution for Savings, 1817-1882 launched on AmericanAncestors just over a year ago, and the latest upload of material to the database was reported here on IrishGenealogyNews only two weeks ago. I wasn't expecting another update just yet! But the final volumes of Signature Books have speedily been added to the database to complete the online collection.

It's great news because this is an excellent resource for Irish-American family historians (and others) and I feel confident it will help many researchers discover the name of the place their immigrant ancestors called home.

The Provident Institution for Savings in Boston was one of the first savings banks to be incorporated in the United States. About 80% of the individuals represented in the early records were immigrants to Boston and it is soon evident when looking at the names and places of former residence that a very large proportion of them were from Ireland.

This final upload sees three Signature Books added. They are:

  • Signature Book 1, 1817-1823
  • Signature Book 4, 1836-1841
  • Signature Book 26, 1880-1884

The Waste Books provide lists of transactions that occurred at the bank. Often this records one person depositing money for the benefit of another person, and these connections may suggest family or friend relationships.

Signature Books typically give the account holder's name and account number, place of origin (usually a county in Ireland, but sometimes a town), residence in Boston, occupation or marital status, and the amount being deposited.

In total, this collection holds 70,086 records.