Wednesday 17 March 2021

New Irish Genealogy Resources 2021 ebook published

Happy St Patrick's Day to one and all! 

In the absence of any parties, parades or the normal fun and nonsense associated with Ireland's annual day in the limelight, I've marked the date by publishing a new edition of my popular New Irish Genealogy Resources ebook. Like all the previous editions, this 130-page booklet aims to provide you with links to most if not all the Irish genealogy records released since 2011. 

That's when researching Irish heritage had started to became a real possibility for the thousands of people around the world who wanted to discover their ancestors. Indexed collections started to pour out of archives, commercial databases, and other repositories. It was hard to keep up with them all for several years, and still is, even though the pace has slowed.

So, if you think such a handy aide memoire to the many hundreds of collections we can now readily access from our own homes (and a good few that we still can't) would help your research, find out more by clicking on the front cover image above.