Thursday 18 February 2021

Future of Northern Ireland's Troubles archive secured

Ulster University has confirmed that its highly-regarded Conflict Archive on the Internet (CAIN), a unique academic and civic resource containing a large archive of materials and information related to the conflict and politics in Northern Ireland, has secured funding to keep it going.

A donation from a non-profit organisation based in Switzerland – Initiatives of Change – will not only help to modernise the site, which launched in 1997 and is showing its age, but will also help keep it as a live resource, fielding queries and responsive to corrections, revisions and updates.

CAIN includes oral histories, election results, political memorabilia, public records, bibliographies and the names and details of more than 3,600 people killed in Troubles-related violence in Northern Ireland, Ireland, the UK and continental Europe.

Its website is free to access, and new materials are added on a regular basis. The most recent was last summer, when the National Archives of Ireland in Dublin donated 965 files dating from 1986-88.

For more information see Ulster University's announcement.