Thursday 9 July 2020

More records added to the IGRS Early Irish BMD indexes

The Irish Genealogical Research Society has been adding regular bundles of records to its Early Irish BMD indexes since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted normal routines back in late winter. This generous volunteer effort continues, with another 1,547 entries added this month to the Early Irish Births (303), Early Irish Marriages (1,140) and Early Irish Deaths (104).

Many of these additions have been drawn from the Registry of Deeds, the Society’s Swanzy Manuscripts collection, and from old and rare publications, and all pre-date the main body of surviving mid-18th-century Irish family history collections.

While the Marriage Index is completely free to all researchers, the Early Irish Birth and Death Indexes are resources reserved for IGRS members. However, anyone can still make a search for names.

You can find out more about the IGRS Early Irish Indexes on the Society's website,