Thursday 30 July 2020

Key 'Troubles' documents from NAI added to CAIN

A batch of some 960 documents, covering events related to Northern Ireland over the period 1986-88, have just been added to the Conflict Archive on the INternet (CAIN) website as part of an ongoing partnership involving Ulster University and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI).

CAIN contains information and source material on 'the Troubles' and politics in Northern Ireland from 1968 to the present. Work on the Irish records from the NAI was initially funded by the Reconciliation & Anti-Sectarianism Funds, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT), Dublin and later by the Reconciliation Fund, at DFAT.

The newly released material covers a wide range of topics: the workings of the Anglo-Irish Agreement in its initial phase in relation to various political, legal and security matters; how the governments in Dublin and London sought to manage their relationship in the face of challenging issues such as the extradition of those suspected of terrorist offences or the high profile cases of the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four; as well as the immediate aftermath of some of the most notorious events during the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland such as the Enniskillen Bomb in November 1987 and the aftermath of the killings in Gibraltar in March 1988.