Thursday 20 June 2019

Ancestry identifies roots in 225 new DNA 'communities'

Ancestry DNA results will be providing even more detailed ethnicity and geographical details following the release of more than 225 additional AncestryDNA 'communities' identifying roots in France, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

By analysing its existing DNA network of more than 15 million people, its collection of public family trees and its Genetic Communities™ technology, the company claims to be able to identify groups of people with shared DNA and determine where their ancestors may have lived during the past 75-300 years.

Among the new communities are 35 French American, 120 Canadian, 73 UK, and 14 Australia/NZ.

You can see more details of this latest development on Ancestry's blog, and see the full updated list of 500 'communities' here.

Or, if you've already tested with AncestryDNA, take a look at your ethnicity results. They've probably been updated. Twitter comments would suggest the rollout has rolled well. It's even rolled into my own results, which has previously analysed my 94% Ireland heritage to be from Munster. It now identifies South West Munster, South West Coast of Cork, South Central Cork and West Cork. Since my paternal heritage is entirely located between Clonakilty and Skibbereen, that seems well enough done, if perhaps over done, but on my maternal side, south Tipperary should feature and my Wicklow/Wexford connections don't seem to be showing up at all. However, the tiddy weeny 6% of my more recent (last 150 years) ancestral heritage that is Welsh is correctly identified as from Flintshire, so that's pretty neat.

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