Friday 1 February 2019

FindMyPast adds 420,000 New York RC transcriptions

More than 420,000 records have been added to FindMyPast's New York Roman Catholic Sacramental Registers collection today. This upload means there are now over 3.3million records in the collection, which is part of the company's Catholic Heritage Archive.

New York Roman Catholic Baptisms
Some 329,000 transcriptions of baptism records from nearly 60 parishes across the diocese have been added in this latest tranche of uploads. They span 1787 to 1916, and bring the total number of records to more than 2.2million from 182 parishes (a list of parishes is provided).

The amount of detail listed in each transcript varies, but most include a combination of date and place of birth, date and place of baptism, name of parents and first language.


New York Roman Catholic Parish Marriages
Over 95,000 register transcriptions from 65 New York Catholic parishes have been added to this record set. They span the years 1819 to 1916 and may reveal the names, birth years, occupations, residences and parents' names of both the bride and groom as well as the date and location of their marriage.

The update means this collection now holds more than 1.1million records from 184 parishes.


New York Roman Catholic Parish Congregational Records
This is a small collection consisting of just 527 transcriptions covering the parishes of SS Joseph & Thomas in Richmond County (1910), St Columba in Orange County (1895–1915) and St Peter in Ulster County (1860).

FindMyPast describes these records : Congregational registers incorporate sacramental records other than those pertaining to baptisms, marriages, and burials, such as communicants (those who received Holy Communion), confirmations (those who received Holy Confirmation), sick calls (those who received the Anointing of the Sick), and first confessions (those who received Holy Reconciliation). You will also find records of people who converted to Catholicism as well as those who chose to rent specific seats from their local chapel. Another register type you will discover is status animarum, Latin for 'status of the souls'. These records noted the names and addresses of all the Catholics in the area."

I'm baffled. I've looked at a random 15+ of these transcripts and none of them provides anything like this detail. For example, in the St Columba register: Name Margaret Higgins; Year 1897: Location: Chester; Register: Baptisms. Every transcription I've viewed says 'Baptisms'. Maybe they were all conversions... Can't we be told this?


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