Thursday 28 February 2019

AmericanAncestors: latest Boston RC registers updates

In the last two weeks of February, the New England Historic Genealogical Society has updated its Massachusetts: Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston registers, 1789-1900 collections on While the Society continues to digitise this vast collection, two online databases are accessible on the site. The first contains the fully digitised and searchable records. The second holds images of parish registers prior to indexing.

Indexed database
Eight volumes from the parish of St Charles Borromeo in Woburn have been fully imaged, indexed and made available to search since mid-February. They include baptisms and marriages from 1857 to 1900, and one register of confirmations dating 1898-1899 only. Collectively, these registers have added 21,261 records and more than 282,907 names to the database.

This database is available to Individual-level and above NEHGS members only.

Unindexed Image-only database
The latest upload added images from 46 volumes from elevent parishes, as noted below. You don't need a subscription to view these unindexed images, only a Guest Account. To find out how to navigate the unindexed collection to find the records you want, watch this short how-to video.
  • Boston Harbor Islands Baptisms, 1877-1900
  • Immaculate Conception (Lowell) Baptisms and Marriages, 1868-1900
  • St. Lawrence (Brookline) Baptisms & Marriages, 1898-1900
  • St. Mary (Dedham) Baptisms and Marriages, 1866-1900
  • St. Catherine of Genoa (Somerville) Baptisms and Marriages, 1892-1900
  • St. Catherine of Siena (Norwood) Baptisms, Confirmations & Marriages 1890-1900
  • Our Lady of Pity (Cambridge) Baptisms and Marriages, 1892-1900. Confirmations, 1897-1900
  • Sacred Heart (Watertown) Baptisms and Marriages, 1896-1900. Confirmations, 1898-1900
  • St Mary (Lowell) Marriages 1847-1861
  • St. Bernard (Concord) Baptisms and Marriages, 1868-1900
  • St. John the Evangelist (Hopkinton) Baptisms and Marriages, 1851-1900. Confirmations, 1867-1882; First Communions and Confirmations, 1885-1900